The Board

GVA Board

GVA’s board consists of the founder brother Abdul-Hakeem Rashad and sister Raiyanah Abdul-Karim.

We invite community members to help serve our school. 

As a board member, you will collaborate with other board members. You will oversee and make decisions on the overall structure, policies, and practices of the school to ensure their effectiveness on the students served. 

More specifically, board members will serve in these areas:

  • Evaluate organization and program structure and accountability 
  • Evaluate student academic success 
  • Evaluate student weaknesses and formulate action plans for improvement
  • Oversee the strategic plan of the school 
  • Drive student enrollment through advertising 
  • Drive Fundraising through business connections and philanthropies 
  • Fiscal responsibility and accountability 
  • Participate in the creation and implementation of key policies and practicies 

How it benefits you?

  • Gain the pleasure of Allah by participating in the educating and cultivating of our youth.
  • Help ensure that our youth receives quality education in light of the Quran and Sunnah.
  • Help improve student achievement in our communities.
  • Help GVA meet their Vision, Mission and Goals that will inturn benefit our communties and the society as a whole. 

To become a member contact: