Virtual Academy

Where The Path To Academic Excellence is our Goal while keeping in line with the Quran and Sunnah. 

What we do
Elementary School

Elementary School

Offering Self-Paced instruction to KG and grade 1.

Offering Live and Self-Paced instruction to grades 2 - 5.

Middle School

Middle School

Offering live and self-paced instruction to grades 6 - 8. 

High School

High School

Offering live and self-paced instruction to grades 9 and 11.

Offering self-paced instruction to grade 12. 

Our Vision

  • To provide an Islamic Virtual Academy that will yield some of the greatest personalities in the Muslim community who will, in turn, benefit the whole of society.

Our Mission

  • To empower the Muslim youth by providing quality education in an Islamic environment that promotes ethical conduct and morals, thereby nurturing the future of our Muslim communities one child at a time.

Our School Values

  • - Allah’s Pleasure Above All Else
  • - A High Standard of Teaching & Learning
  • - A Safe & Welcoming Environment
  • - Family & Community Involvement