Islamic Studies

Quran and Arabic classes are offered to all Gateway Virtual Academy Students on a first come first serve basis. Parents are required to request either Arabic or Quran for their child upon registration. Once 15 seats are filled in each course, the courses will no longer be available.


Iqra  – This course is for students who have very minimal or no knowledge of how to read. Students will learn from the Noor Albayan Since students at this level are at the beginning stages of reading, this course will be taught at a slow pace for the duration of the academic year, to ensure proficiency. Students are expected to complete the course by the end of the school year.

Tajweed – Students who have completed beginners reading course will read a portion of the Quran applying the rules of tajweed. The teacher will correct students and review the rules learned in the previous Qaaidah course. Students will complete portions from Juz Amma (30) and Juz Tabarak (29) during this course in preparation for their advancement to the Hifz class in the next school year upon successful completion.

Hifz Al Quran Students who are proficient in reading will memorize portions of the Qur’an according to their entry-level and capabilities. Students may be required to take a proficiency test for entry into this course.

*Students are required to obtain a copy of Tafsir Ibn Katheer 


Level 2: 

Course Material:  Madinah Arabic Book 1

This book covers:

  • Demonstrative pronouns (This-that)
  • The definite article (al)
  • Question tools (what -where-Does-who-whose) 
  • Prepositions 
  • Adjectives 
  • Singular detached Pronouns
  • Possession
  • Definite and indefinite nouns
  • Gender 
  • Possessive pronouns


  • Students enrolling in this class must have already completed Arabic 1 (Qa’idah) at least, therefore they should be able to read Arabic proficiently.
  • Students must be in Grade 4 or higher.

Level 3:

Course Material: Madinah Arabic Book 2

This book covers:

  • Relative pronouns 
  • Sound and broken plural
  • Plural detached pronouns 
  • Intro to verbs conjunction 
  • Rational and Irrational nouns
  • Numbers(1 to 99)
  • Dipototes 
  • Language functions


  • Arabic Level 1 OR successfully pass our placement test (70% or higher)
  • Students must be in Grade 4 or higher.

Level 4: 

Course Material: Madinah Arabic Book 3

This book covers: 

  • Nominal and Verbal sentence 
  • Sisters of إن 
  • Numbers (Tens and Thousands)
  • Comparative and superlative adjectives
  • Simple Present and past tense verbs
  • Negation 
  • Subject and Object 
  • Cases of Eraab 
  • Verb of Wonder 
  • Imperatives 
  • Language functions


  • Arabic Level 2 OR successfully pass our placement test (70% or higher)
  • Students must be in Grade 4 or higher.