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Complete the form below to start enrollment for your student for 2024/2025 academic year. Please note that a registration form will need to be submitted for each additional student. Self-Pace Enrollment is open all year round. NB: Only parents/legal guardians are authorized to register a student for enrollment.

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Learning Coach / Primary Parent

What is a Learning Coach?

Learning Coaches are usually the student's parent or another responsible adult who are dedicated to making sure their child receives a quality education.

A Learning Coach supports the student in the learning process while they are enrolled in GVA. They are responsible for ensuring their student is on track with assignments and coursework as well as communicating with their teachers throughout the school year. Learning Coaches play an active role, especially in the early grades.

The Learning Coach will be the primary contact for all correspondence related to the student's academic performance, important updates, and emergencies.
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Please note that this email address will be associated with the primary contact for your household. A copy of all messages sent via the internal messaging system will also be sent to this email address.
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