Summer Courses

Taking core courses or elective courses during summer break is a great opportunity to get ahead with your studies in preparation for graduation, or catch up with credits that you have failed.

We have a range of courses that you can enroll in. 

Elective and credit-recovery courses taken during the summer have a fee of $175 per semester course (0.5 credit). Fees are due at the time of completing the registration form.

Non-GVA students will be required to pay an additional $200 to cover the cost of the curriculum.

Students can enroll in up to 2 courses at a time and will have at least 3 months to complete these courses. Students and coaches should consider the workload before enrolling in two courses (1-course enrollment is preferable). There is a fee of $50  to withdraw from any course after being enrolled for 4 weeks.

All students are fully supported by the Learning Support Department and core subject teachers as they work through these self-paced courses.

Credit-bearing classes will be added to your transcript. 

Summer 2021

Summer program registration opens June 9, 2021

Course Start Date: June 9, 2021

Course End Date: September 10, 2021

Deadline to Register: July 1, 2021

Please contact to discuss your course plan further.

Summer School registration is now closed