Where the path of excellence is our goal

On the authority of Abu T’alaa Shaddad ibn Aws (may Allah be pleased with him) from the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who said: “Verily, Allah has prescribed excellence in all things.  Reported in Muslim


To provide an Islamic Virtual Academy that will yield some of the greatest personalities in the Muslim community who will in turn, benefit the whole of society. 


To empower the Muslim youth by providing quality education in an Islamic environment that promotes ethical conduct and morals, thereby nurturing the future of our Muslim communities one child at a time.

Our Solution

There is an old saying- “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again thinking that you will get a different result!” WE must STOP the insanity by desisting to enroll our youth in undesirable educational environments, expecting them not to be affected negatively.

Gateway Virtual Academy, LLC. aims to break the cycle by creating a desirous Islamic environment that will be seen in and out of the classroom. We are giving parents the opportunity to provide an education for their children from the comfort of their homes, leaving the rest to us.

Our Goal

Our goal here at Gateway Virtual Academy, LLC. is to fill a void that exists in Muslim Communities Nationwide. Research has shown that most Muslim Communities are in dire need of an educational institution that will nurture the “ Islamic Way”. Our sole objective is to empower the Muslims at large beginning with our youth through education. Gateway Academy Virtual School is an option for parents who would like to have their children educated within the comfort of their own homes. This option enables them to control their children’s educational environment.

Why Choose Us?


Striving to be the leading Islamic Virtual Institution, that will educate and nurture the minds of our Muslim Youth in a way that pleases Our Lord!


School Values


Consider Allah’s Pleasure Above All Else

A High Standard of Teaching & Learning

A Safe & Welcoming Environment

Family & Community Involvement

It is important for GVA’s founders, staff, parents, students and community members, to consider Allah’s pleasure before all else, in their school dealings and  interaction between one another. By this, all can be successful! 

GVA aims to contract experienced staff members, from the top to the bottom, to ensure quality and effective instruction and learning. 

All students have the right to a safe learning environment. GVA continues to develop and improve the learning environment of our students. Most importantly, students and staff are held to high religious moral and etiquette, to bring about a safe and peaceful learning environment, for all. 

We at GVA believe that there is a communal responsibility, consisting of educational institutes, educators, parents, students and finally, community members, to guarantee the success of our youth.