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In keeping with our mission statement, we aim to offer a substantial and academically rigorous high school program meeting the Islamic needs of our students whilst balancing this against a curriculum that prepares our students for college and beyond.

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Grade 9:

Grade 10:

Grade 11:

Grade 12:

Self-paced Electives

Elementary School

The following self-paced elective courses are optional for Grades 2- 5:




Middle School

The following self-paced elective courses are optional for Grades 6-8:

High School

The following self-paced elective courses (refer to our high-school graduation requirements to see the required elective courses) are offered for Grades 9-12:

More courses coming soon!

World Language Electives

High-School Foreign Languages:

Middle School Foreign Languages:

Each subsequent year we will offer the next Foreign Language course level until its highest level is offered. However, only two Foreign Language credits are required for graduation. Foreign Language courses count towards our middle school student’s high-school graduating credits.

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What we Offer:

Live Classes (grades 2 – 5 only):

Students attend classes live, five days a week, collaborating with their teachers and classmates, experiencing a “real” classroom setting.

Guided Learning:

Guided Learning is offered to students in grades 2 – 12. Through our guided learning option, students are provided recorded lessons prior to each school week and grades 6 -12 can attend one live Math, Language Arts and Science class per week. Students are guided by their teachers who they can contact during school hours for additional support.


Our self-paced learning option is offered for grades 1 -12. Through this option, students can work at their own pace and can finish before or after our normal 10-month school schedule. Students have 12 months to complete their courses.

Teacher Support

Regardless of the learning option selected, all students will have email support from their teachers for the duration of their course(s). Although, teachers typically respond the same day, please note that emails received before 12 pm CST will be responded to by the following school day. Learning coaches can also send the teacher an email whenever you have any questions or concerns. Live conferences with the teacher can also be scheduled if needed.

There’s more…..

Our students don’t skip a beat, with live conducted science experiments, debates, writing competitions, research papers, social events like Islamic Jeopardy, Spelling Bees, Talent show, Multi-Cultural day and more!

Students are inspired and motivated to reach their full potential and are assisted from the beginning of the academic journey until the end, from teachers and staff.

Academic Resources:

Our choice of curricula has incorporated national standards for grades K-12 and is Aligned with Common Core. Our Curriculum offers Math, Social Sciences, Science, English, and Elective courses for grades K-12. Our students have access to their personal digital curriculum accounts, from where they have access to their courses. This account is what the student needs in order to complete their classwork, homework, and assessments.

Our staff and teachers make the up-most effort to assure that concepts that go against Islamic beliefs are not taught in our lessons. Our curriculum is a pre-designed digital platform, therefore parents should be aware that the course-ware includes concepts that go against Islamic beliefs. Teachers will point out prior to assigning homework when the student should take caution and at times skip a particular section found in the lesson.

Standardized Testing:

We are proud to announce that we administered standardized tests to measure our student’s learning against their peers. Our Standardized test of choice is Stanford 10. Learn more about the Stanford 10 Achievement test, here. Due to COVID -19, we have postponed spring testing and anticipate testing in the fall of 2020.