GVA offers a rigorous high-school program for grades 9-12.

Why Choose GVA?

  • Live enrollment options for core courses, where students attend classes live with their teachers and peers
  • Self-paced enrollment options for core courses, where students work at their own pace and are guided and assisted by their teachers
  • Access to recorded classes
  • A wide variety of elective courses to foster student interest in pursuing their future career goals and plans
  • A chance to recover lost credits
  • Virtual Labs and wide variety of engaging course activities to challenge students and prepare them for higher learning
  • Earn an accredited diploma

Credit Transfer

Students that are transferring to GVA with High School credits will have their official transcript sent to admissions@gatewayvirtualacademy.com. Transcripts will be assessed by  the Head of Learning Support. 

Notification will be sent to the Learning Coach regarding the number of credits that will be accepted towards the GVA High School Diploma. A minimum of 8 credits must be studied and completed with GVA to attain a GVA High School Diploma.

Students may choose to enroll in High School courses outside GVA. These credits may be accepted towards a diploma here at GVA. Students who elect to complete credits in this way should send their transcript that reflect outside credits to admissions@gatewayvirtualacademy.com and will be assessed by the Head of Learning Support .

Middle school students can take up to 3 high school credits with GVA in the subject areas of  Foreign Languages and electives with the Head of Learning Support’s approval. These courses are credited towards a GVA High School Diploma.

Credit Recovery

For students who are in need of extra credits or credit recovery, we suggest that students contact the Head of Learning Support in the first instance. For lacking courses (core and/or elective) we can make provision for the lacking course to be added on a self-paced arrangement during the school year or summer. The cost for these extra courses are $50 per 0.5 course. Alternatively, students may elect to complete credits that are lacking during Grade 12.

Credit Recovery Courses – available during the summer only. If interested Click here to learn more (link this to a page with summer elective program information).

Senior Fee

All seniors with 24 or more credits and are on track to graduate will be assessed a senior processing fee of $50 for students residing in the US and $75 for non US residents, due by June 1 of the academic year. The fee covers the diploma and shipping costs. 

See our graduation requirements below