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Gateway Virtual Academy is an accredited online school that is dedicated to assisting families, by providing quality academic programs for K-12 while considering Islamic beliefs and practices.

All families registering children for the 2019-20 academic school year must register online.

Flexible Enrollment Options

In addition to our full-time live classes, Gateway Virtual Academy, offers a range of enrollment options that can be tailored to a family’s unique needs and circumstances:

Live Classes (Synchronous)

Live — Our live classes resemble a more traditional coursework model, in which students “attend” classes taught in real-time. All students are logged in at the same time to attend the class and to actively participate in the discussion through typing or sometimes speaking through voice or video conference. Our live courses allow students to respond or ask questions in the moment, change the discussion, engage with other students and their teachers directly, and participate more immediately in the virtual classroom.

All students are required to be on mic everyday with rigorous engagement with full interaction and complete sentences when chatting, no one word responses.

Teachers & Students are required to be on cam on Sun, Tues and Thurs (unless a religious exemption is sought).

Self-Paced (Asynchronous)

Self-paced — Our self-paced classes take a more non-traditional approach. Students do not “attend” class at a set time, but rather, access recordings of the live classes that were held. Students will have access to the digital curriculum materials and will be expected to keep up with the pace of the live classes and meet deadlines. Students will have access to the teachers through email and will have all coursework graded. Recordings are typically available at the end of the school day. Students taking courses as self-paced will still be required to attend the quarterly exams live.


Important Information:

Only parents/legal guardians are authorized to register a student for enrollment.

All information provided in the application must be accurate, complete and true to the best of your knowledge. You must also understand that any misinformation may result in a delay in enrollment or denial of this registration form.

Gateway Virtual Academy does not receive funding and factors each child’s enrollment towards the school’s operational costs. If a parent chooses to withdraw prior to the first day of school, a penalty will apply if they decide to re-enroll into the academy. The penalty is that the parent/coach will be required to pay three (3) months tuition in advance upon returning.

There will be a $200 cancellation fee per student, due for families who withdraw their child(ren) during the academic year. This fee is in addition to any current tuition fees due.

As a fundamental requirement for our students, each family is required to host/conduct a fundraiser in their community, raising at least $200 per year per family NOT for each student. If parents are unable to raise the funds via a community fundraiser, they can just pay the fee.

Students raise funds  for their school to support their educational experience and help them learn fundamental life skills such as teamwork, creativity, customer service and goal setting.

Parents raise funds for their child’s school to show interest and involvement in their child’s school which improves the quality of the school, raises teachers morale, helps to pay for school external expenses, keeps tuition down and connects the school with the community.

Failure to conduct a fundraiser will result in the family donating 200 USD to the school by Decemeber of each school year.

If you have more than one student in your family, you will need to complete the form separately for each additional student.

NOTE: Enrollment into the grade the student is applying for will be determined after the Admissions team reviews the student’s transcripts or receives the results of the placement test.

Contact Us

To speak with us about your student’s registration form please call us at

(816) 837 0909 ext 1 between 8am – 1pm CST Sundays – Thursdays

Summer office hours for registration will be 10am – 1pm CST Mondays – Thursdays.

To schedule a meeting with the school counselor to develop a personalized academic plan, please email


Please make sure you have reviewed the information in the sections below before you begin: 

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Required Documents
  • High School Requirements (Grades 9-12)
Tuition & Fees - Updates for 2020-2021 Coming Soon!

Registration Fee

All students registering for the upcoming school year are required to pay a registration fee in the amount of $45 per student. This fee is due with your registration form. This fee is non-refundable and covers academic placement, academic records transfer and updates, data and analysis resource fee and ongoing office tasks for the student.

Note: The Registration Fee for families registering on or later than July 22 will be $55 per student.

Digital Curriculum Fee

The Digital Curriculum Fee is a one-time fee in the amount of $200 per child. This fee covers the cost of your child’s digital curriculum material, coursework and other accounts that will be provided by the school. This fee is non-refundable after two weeks of payment.

The Digital Curriculum Fee is normally due one week before the first day of the student’s start date.

NB: If the fee is not paid before this date, your child’s registration may be cancelled. If you need an extension to pay this fee, please email: or call (816) 307-8979 ext. tuition department

Senior Fee

All seniors with 24 or more credits and are on track to graduate will be assessed a senior processing fee of $75 for students residing in the US and $100 for non US residents, due by June 1 of the academic year. The fee covers the diploma and shipping costs. 


The first tuition payment based on your payment option is normally due one week before the student start date. You may receive an email covering any clarifications we may need to finalize your program options.

Live and Self-Paced Core Subject Courses Grades 2-12

New Families 

Yearly Plan1x payment of $3,000Payment due on or before student start date
Semesterly Plan2x payments of $1,500Payments due on or before the first day of the semester (Q 1 and 3)
Quarterly Plan4x payments of $750Payments due on or before the first day of each quarter
Monthly Plan10x payments of $300Payments due on the first of each month

Parents of 2 or more students will enjoy the following discounts (monthly):

New Families 
First child$300Normal rate, no discount
Second child$275$25 OFF
Third child$250$50 OFF
Fourth child$200$100 OFF
Each additional child$175$125 OFF

Returning Families 

Yearly Plan

1x payment of $2,500

Payment due on or before student start date

Semesterly Plan

2x payments of $1,250

Payments due on or before the first day of the semester (Q 1 and 3)

Quarterly Plan

4x payments of $625

Payments due on or before the first day of each quarter

Monthly Plan

10x payments of $250

Payments due on the first of each month

Parents of 2 or more students will have the following additional discounts (monthly):

First child


Normal rate, no discount

Second child


$25 OFF

Third child


$50 OFF

Fourth child


$75 OFF

Each additional child


$100 OFF

Tuition includes four (4) core subject courses (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science) 2 full credit electives in grades 2 -10, 3 full credit electives in year 11 and 4 full credit electives in year 12  and finally,  one (1) Islamiyyah (Qur’an or Arabic) course.

Additional core subject courses or to enroll into specific core subject courses have a fee of $100 per 0.5 course.

Additional Islamiyyah courses have a fee of $50 per course.

NB Virtual Islamiyyah courses are not offered to students in grade 2.

Additional Islamiyyah and Elective courses have a fee of $50.

All tuition and fee related questions are handled by our Tuition and Fee Department. To contact them, please email: or call (816) 307-8979 ext. tuition department

Required Documents

New students and families are required to submit the following documents:

Proof of Birth

Transcript / Report Card from previous academic school year (2018-2019)

Required documents will be requested in the Registration Form. Be sure to have at least the proof of birth handy and in an acceptable digital format before you begin the Registration Form.

Documents can be submitted in the following file formats:

  • PDF
  • PNG

Please ensure that the documents submitted are legible and clear.

Proof of Birth

Acceptable proof of date of birth is an original or certified copy of any one of the following documents. The documents must show the age or date of birth. Your original or certified copy will be returned to you. A notarized document is not an acceptable substitute for a certified document.

One of the following will suffice as satisfactory proof:

  • A birth certificate
  • A registration of birth abroad certificate
  • The information page of passport

If the student’s proof of birth is in a foreign language, you may be required to submit additional documentation.

We have updated our School Management System and are therefore requesting all returning and new students to submit/resubmit their Proof of Birth.

Transcript / Report Card

Returning students who completed the 2018-19 school year at Gateway Virtual Academy are not required to submit their transcript or report card.

If your child attended a home-school program, attended a non-accredited school abroad, for the previous academic year, or if you are unable to provide a report card or transcript, your child will be required to take a Placement Test.

IMPORTANT: Placement is not finalized unless we have a transcript/report card or the student has taken the Placement Tests.

Placement Tests

Gateway Virtual Academy administers Math and Language Arts placement tests to determine a student’s readiness. The placement needs is required in order to enroll the student into the appropriate grade.

A parent/guardian will be responsible for administering these tests to the child. Children are not to be assisted during these placement test at all. Likewise, they should not view the test until they are ready to take it. However, a parent or guardian can view the test in order to assist in the student’s preparation. This is a virtual school, therefore parents are trusted to fear Allah and never assist their child during this assessment.

The Language Arts and Math placement tests must be completed online. For Math, students are required to show their working. Students can do their work in their notebook or on sheets of paper. They will then take pictures of their workings and submit them via DropBox. The link and instructions are included at the end of the placement test.

Students will have 72 hours (3 days) to take and submit the Placement Tests.Results will be emailed to the primary contact listed in the registration form within 2-3 business days.

Placement Tests will be administered (will be sent to parents email) on the following dates for early registrants:

July 1, 2019
July 15, 2019
July 29, 2019
August 12, 2019

Note: Placement Tests may be required if the report/transcript does not provide enough information for the Admissions team to determine placement.

Important: All registering students must be fluent in the English Language. All students whose first language is not English will be required to take a reading test.

Academic Records and Additional Documents

You may be required to submit additional documentation after an initial review before acceptance and placement is determined. If the student has ever received the following records they must be submitted to the school:

Psychological Reports

IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
Health and Social Record
Doctor’s note for a diagnosis that may affect learning

Gateway Virtual Academy shall not limit admission to students on the basis of intellectual ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, athletic ability, disability, race, creed, national origin, religion, or ancestry. These documents will provide us with the information needed to determine if we are a good educational provider for your student or tailor his/her learning experience to ensure the student can learn and grow.

High School Requirements

GVA offers a rigorous high-school program for grades 9-12.

Why Choose GVA?

  • Live enrollment options for core courses, where students attend classes live with their teachers and peers
  • Self-paced enrollment options for core courses, where students work at their own pace and are guided and assisted by their teachers
  • Access to recorded classes
  • A wide variety of elective courses to foster student interest in pursuing their future career goals and plans
  • A chance to recover lost credits
  • Virtual Labs and wide variety of engaging course activities to challenge students and prepare them for higher learning
  • Earn an accredited diploma

Credit Transfer

Students that are transferring to GVA with High School credits will have their official transcript sent to Transcripts will be assessed by  the Head of Learning Support. 

Notification will be sent to the Learning Coach regarding the number of credits that will be accepted towards the GVA High School Diploma. A minimum of 8 credits must be studied and completed with GVA to attain a GVA High School Diploma.

Students may choose to enroll in High School courses outside GVA. These credits may be accepted towards a diploma here at GVA. Students who elect to complete credits in this way should send their transcript that reflect outside credits to and will be assessed by the Head of Learning Support .

Middle school students can take up to 3 high school credits with GVA in the subject areas of  Foreign Languages and electives with the Head of Learning Support’s approval. These courses are credited towards a GVA High School Diploma.

Credit Recovery

For students who are in need of extra credits or credit recovery, we suggest that students contact the Head of Learning Support in the first instance. For lacking courses (core and/or elective) we can make provision for the lacking course to be added on a self-paced arrangement during the school year or summer. The cost for these extra courses are $50 per 0.5 course. Alternatively, students may elect to complete credits that are lacking during Grade 12. 

Credit Recovery Courses – available during the summer only. If interested Click here to learn more (link this to a page with summer elective program information).

Senior Fee

All seniors with 24 or more credits and are on track to graduate will be assessed a senior processing fee of $50 for students residing in the US and $75 for non US residents, due by June 1 of the academic year. The fee covers the diploma and shipping costs. 

See our graduation requirements below


Register your student online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This form normally takes 10-15 minutes to complete.