Become a Board Member

GVA’s board consists of the founder brother Abdul-Hakeem Rashad and sister Raiyanah Abdul-Karim. We are currently seeking members to help serve our school. 

As a board member, you will collaborate with other board members. You will oversee and make decisions on the overall structure, policies, and practices of the school to ensure their effectiveness on the students served. 

More specifically, board members will serve in these areas:

  • Evaluate organization and program structure and accountability 
  • Evaluate student academic success 
  • Evaluate student weaknesses and formulate action plans for improvement
  • Oversee the strategic plan of the school 
  • Drive student enrollment through advertising 
  • Drive Fundraising through business connections and philanthropies 
  • Fiscal responsibility and accountability 

To become a member contact: 




  • Name: Sarah-Jayne Salim
  • Location: UK
  • Birth Place: UK
  • Experience in your post: 6 years in Educational Leadership
  • Degrees: BSc (HONS); M.Ed, Ed.D
  • Certificates:​QTLS, UK & SEN qualified
Administrative Manager
  • ​Name – Tiara Muhammad
  • Location – North Carolina
  • Birth Place – Anguilla
  • Years of Experience – 4 years
  • Degrees – Bachelor of Science in Islamic Theology. Pursuing my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Kaplan University
  • Certificates – Certified Education Trainer for Google


As-Salamu alaykum! My name is Tiara Muhammad. As the Administrative Manager at Gateway Virtual Academy, I’m here to ensure that teachers and students are seamlessly integrated into our virtual academy. I bring a unique perspective to the work we do by pushing the team to work efficiently, coordinating school events and utilizing creative ways to keep improve the learning and teaching experience in with today’s technologically advanced world.

With a knack for organization and technology, I’m passionate about finding innovate ways to streamline our processes and grow our virtual family. As a result, I’ve been recognized by my supervisors and colleagues for my contributions to improving our systems and helping both student and staff become acclimated with the various platforms proficiently.

I am a graduate of Darul Uloom Trinidad & Tobago with a Bachelor of Science in Islamic Theology, and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Kaplan University and certification as a Google for Education Certified Trainer.

I currently reside in a small city in North Carolina, but I’m proud to call Anguilla home.


Head Secretary
  • ​Name – Shama Pm
  • Location – Dubai
  • Birth Place – India
  • Years of Experience – 1 year Online Education; 3 years administrative
  • Degrees – Bachelors of Business Administration
Secretary Assistant
  • ​Name- Munirah Abdul Muhamin 
  • Location – Texas, USA
  • Birth Place – Texas, USA
  • Years of Experience – n/a
  • Education: High-School Diploma
  • Certificate – Islamic Studies 
Secretary Assistant
  • Full Name – Juvaria Shifaz
  • Location – Kerala, India
  • Birthplace – Kerala, India
  • Experience – 2  years secretarial
  • Degrees – Graduated in B.A English language and literature
Arabic Teacher
  • ​Name – Heba Mohammady Mohammad
  • Contact:
  • Location – Cairo, Egypt
  • Birthplace – Egypt
  • Years of Experience – 9 years
  • Degrees – BA in Arabic Linguistics (Ain Shams University -Cairo-Egypt )_ with Honours
  • ​Certificates :

Certificate of appreciation from Ain Shams University

Certificate of appreciation Al-Tayseer Institute

Course in Multiple Intelligence at Ajial Training Center

Ijazah in Riwayat Hafs by Asem

Quran Teacher
  • Name: Ruwayda Elsayed Eladawy
  • Contact:
  • Location : Damietta, Egypt
  • Birthplace: Damietta, Egypt
  • Years of experience: 9 years
  • Degrees : Graduated from Dar Uloom, Cairo Egypt in Islamic Studies. Pursuing Masters in  Arabic grammar
  • Certificate: Ijaza Hifz Al Quran
High School Language Arts Teacher
  • Name: Tonia Salahuddin  (aka Umm Jihad) 
  • Contact:
  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Birth Place:  Illinois 
  • Experience in your post:  15 years
  • Degrees: BA in Liberal Arts with a minor in Psychology and an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction with an ESL Specialization. 
  • Certificates:​ Prior  Teaching Certification in Wisconsin  
High School Social Studies Teacher


  • Name: Fatema El-Sayed
  • Contact: 
  • Location: Dubai
  • Birth Place: Egypt
  • Experience in your post: 4 years
  • Degrees: BSc Political Science & Arabic and Islamic Civilizations


Middle & High School Math Teacher
  • Name – Ansiya Eshack
  • Contact:
  • Location – Ernakulam, Kerala India
  • Birth Place – Kochi, Kerala India
  • Years of Experience – 14 years (Teaching in Engineering Colleges)
  • Degrees:  

                        M.Tech (VLSI & Embedded Systems)

                        MBA (Human Resource Management)

                        B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

                        PhD in Electronics (Pursuing – Completed Course Work)

  • ​Certificates – KMEA Engineering College, MES College of Engineering
Middle & High School Science Teacher
  • ​Name- Noha Hosni
  • Contact:
  • Location- Cairo, Egypt
  • Birth Place- Egypt
  • Years of Experience- 5 years
  • Degrees: Bachelor degree of pharmacy; Master degree in analytical chemistry; Pursuing Ph.D. in analytical chemistry
Middle School Language Arts Teacher
  • Name: Reginald Harris (Mustafah) 
  • Contact: 
  • Location: Nigeria 
  • Birth Place:  USA 
  • Experience in your post: 18 years 
  • Degrees: Masters’s Degree in International Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.
  • Certificates:​  Prior  Teaching Certification in Wisconsin 
Middle School Social Studies Teacher
  • ​Name – Aminata Adebisi 
  • Contact:
  • Location – New York City 
  • Birthplace – Atlanta Georgia
  • Years of Experience – 5 years
  • Degrees – Bachelors of Liberal Arts Major: Communications Minor: Psychology  
  • Certificates:
    • Catapult Learning
    • Curriculum & Lesson Planning
    • Certificate with Distinction: Common Core in Action ; Literacy in the Content Areas.
    • AdvancED Certificate of Recognition in gaining accreditation.
Elementary Math Teacher
  • Name – Aminah Siddiq
  • Contact:
  • Location – Virginia, USA
  • Birth Place – Virgina, USA
  • Years of Experience – 18+ years
  • Degrees – Master of Science in Mathematics Bachelors of Science in Mathematics
  • Certificates – Certified Substitute Teacher
Elementary Science Teacher
  • ​Name – Saadiya Aslam
  • Contact:
  • Location –  Massachusetts
  • Years of Experience – 4 years
  • Degrees – Master Degree in Medicine  & Bachelors Degree in Medicine 
Elementary Language Arts Teacher
  • ​Name – Khadijah Muhammad 
  • Contact:
  • Location – Anguilla
  • Birthplace – Anguilla 
  • Years of Experience – 3 years
  • Degrees – Bsc Islamic Theology 
Elementary Social Studies
  • ​Name – Jahmiya McAnuff
  • Contact:
  • Location – Saudi Arabia
  • Birthplace – New Jersy, USA
  • Years of Experience – 5 years
  • Degrees – Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication Studies with a minor in English
  • Certificates:

    NJ Certificate of Eligibility in Elementary Education Grades K-6
    NJ Certificate of Eligibility in Supplemental Instruction: Reading and Mathematics Grades K-8