Registration Fee

All students registering for the upcoming school year are required to pay a registration fee in the amount of $50 per student is due with your registration form. This fee is non-refundable and covers academic placement, academic records transfer and updates, data and analysis resource fee and ongoing office tasks for the student. Note: The Registration Fee for families registering on or later than July 22 will be $55 per student. Visit our registration page for more information and to register your child. 

Digital Curriculum Fee

The Digital Curriculum Fee is a one-time fee in the amount of $200 per child. This fee covers the cost of your child’s digital curriculum material, coursework, and other accounts that will be provided by the school. 


Tuition payments are due from September through June regardless of how many days are in the month. Tuition is collected to cover your child’s instruction and also helps cover the overall operational cost of the school. Therefore, your timely payments are greatly needed and appreciated. 

The tuition fee and Digital Text fee are due immediately before official acceptance unless an extension is given and is not refundable once paid. The digital text fee is not refundable after the student has been officially accepted and enrolled in the core-subject courses.

Live Classes or Guided Learning (Grades 2 – 5) 

Live class enrollment runs on a 10-month school calendar. 

First Student$250$1,250$2,500
Second Student$225$1,125$2,250
Third Student$200$1,000$2,000
Fourth and Additional Student(s)$175$875$1,750

Guided Learning (grades 2- 12) & Self-Paced Enrollment (grades 1 -12)

Monthly Annually 
Guided Learning (10 month)

$175 (grades 6 – 12)

$200 (grades 2 – 5)


$1750 (grades 6-12)

$2000 (grades 2 – 5)

Self- Paced Learning (12 month)

$175 (grades 2 – 12) 

$100 (grade 1)

$2100 (grade 2-12)

$1200 (grade 1)


Single Course

Per Semester – $225

1 Additional Islamiyyah Course – $50/mon

See Summer fees


Senior Fee

All seniors with 24 or more credits and are on track to graduate will be assessed a senior processing fee of $75 for students residing in the US and $100 for non-US residents, due by June 1 of the academic year. The fee covers the diploma and shipping costs.


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